ICLEI World Congress 2021-2022

ICLEI World Congress 2021-2022

The Virtual Launch of the ICLEI World Congress 2021 – 2022 will take place April 13-15 2021. Get ready for high-level discussions on how local and regional governments can continue to advance sustainable development together with ICLEI.

Cities are complex systems. The components of urban systems, from food distribution networks and energy grids to transport and greenways, are interconnected and dynamic. Intervening to create change in any one of these components may impact others, creating systemic change.

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Key takeaways from the ICLEI World Congress

If you missed the ICLEI World Congress virtual launch this past week (and fear you missed out – you did!), never fear, we’ve collected some of our favorite quotes, takeaways, and ideas from all of the sessions.


Resilient cities vow to ‘leave no one behind’

Increasing urban resilience will play a critical role in the overall success of a city and its people and is a prime example of what it looks like to make responsible decisions that will help mitigate the impacts of the climate emergency.


Local governments are poised for a bigger role in protecting nature. Is your city on board?

ICLEI session will focus on how subnational governments need to do more to preserve and protect nature and try and convince more cities to get on board.

Musicians playing on a busy city street.

Leaders of the most sustainable cities gather to share lessons learned

ICLEI World Congress will host sessions with innovative leaders on sustainability, equity, and issues citizens care about on a personal and global scale.


5 ways to achieve circular development on the local level

What does a circular city look like, and how can local governments and citizens come together to create one? ICLEI will host leaders to share innovations.


A market in Malmö.Malmö, Sweden: A testing ground for integrated sustainable solutions

Reflecting its eclectic mix of places to live, Malmö Mayor Katrin Stjernfeldt Jammeh describes her city as “a testing site for sustainable solutions.”