Community Solutions to the Loneliness Epidemic (2019)

This ebook offers a global context exploring what people, organizations, and governments are doing to address social isolation. Stories range from an op-ed calling for a change in the social climate to solutions-focused pieces about time banking, libraries of things, senior centers, and more.

Sharing Cities: Activating the Urban Commons (2018)

This book showcases over a hundred sharing-related case studies and model policies from more than 80 cities in 35 countries. Each chapter explores a core city service including: housing, mobility, food, work, energy, waste, land, water, internet and communications technology, finance, and governance.

How To: Share, Save Money & Have Fun (2016)

A collection of insightful guides on sharing housing, transportation, food, education, music and more. This book shows you how to lead a more enjoyable life, with your family and in your community, while saving money.

Share or Die (2012)

A series of forays into uncharted territory, this graphically rich collection of essays, narratives, and how-tos is an intimate guide to the new economic order and a must-read for anyone attempting to understand what it means to live within the challenges of our time.

Crowdfunding Nation (2011)

A collection of articles on crowdfunding’s history, future, and its usefulness for social movements, how-to guides exploring the best practices for launching a campaign, the legal considerations of crowdfunding – and case studies of innovative and inspiring projects – and an interview with Kickstarter’s Daniella Jaeger.

Shareable Futures (2010)

In this collection of short stories and speculative essays, literary futurists imagine a world to come where technology has changed the rules of ownership and access, and people are able to share transportation, living spaces, lives, dreams, everything and anything. These are futures in which we are surviving and even thriving, largely by learning to share our stuff.