Shareable provides a range of services including consulting, presentations, workshops, editorial projects, online promotion, event support, and research. Our services are designed to help leaders achieve success with their resource sharing initiatives. Below is more detail about our services. Email or fill out the form at the bottom of this page to submit an inquiry.

Advisory & Consulting Services

Shareable provides strategic insight to leaders in business, government, and nonprofits on a spot or retainer basis. We leverage our years of experience, both covering and working in our field, to provide tailored packages.

Hourly advisory:

Hire Shareable by the hour for strategic insight about your initiative, perspective on a trend, content strategy, secondary research by an topic matter expert, or as part of a leader’s learning journey. We’ve done this for scores of industry leading organizations in wide range of sectors.

Retainer advisory:

Hire Shareable on a monthly retainer basis for a mix of support including strategic guidance, secondary research, content strategy, introductions, and executive coaching. Past clients include the Sharing Economy Association of Japan, LabGov, and Seoul Metropolitan Government.

Market research:

Assist in the design, logistics, and respondent recruitment of online surveys, in-person focus groups, and other research efforts. We also design public engagement strategies for research projects that require collaborative knowledge creation.

Sharing Cities Tours:

The San Francisco Bay Area is ground zero for bleeding-edge corporate, civic, and community sharing innovation. Our customizable tours give an inside look at the organizations leading the sharing revolution. Guided walking, micromobility, and chartered bus tours are available in San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, Silicon Valley, or any combination.

Editorial & Public Engagement

Shareable produces editorial series, books, guides, feature stories, case studies, and research reports to educate, inspire, and mobilize citizens to make positive changes in their lives, organizations, and communities. We’re available to design online campaigns for both quantitative and qualitative engagement.

Editorial Projects:

Shareable’s experienced editorial staff and contractors are available to produce mission aligned editorial projects including feature stories, promotional articles, comic strips, zines, books, and podcasts.

Communications Support:

We provide our clients with communications and outreach support for a range of community engagement projects and advocacy campaigns.

Event Media Partnership:

Over the past decade, we’ve provided both contract and in kind promotional support to hundreds of events all over the world.

Site Sponsorship:

We work with sponsors to create tailored sponsorship packages to fit their budget and needs. Example sponsorship areas include: Site sponsorship (logo and link on the bottom of all 4,500+ articles on, signature events in the San Francisco Bay Area, and international speaking tours. Learn more now >>

Event Participation & Design 

Shareable’s staff has spoken at over 500 events in 50+ cities on six continents. We are skilled conveners, workshop leaders, and speakers who have been in the vanguard of the global Sharing Movement for over a decade. We’re well regarded experts in the field. We bring a global perspective to our keynote speeches, workshops, presentations, webinars, panel moderation, and track design to events.

Keynote speeches:

We deliver thought provoking presentations about people-powered solutions for the common good and related topics that leave audiences inspired to take action in their communities.


We design and facilitate a wide range of workshops that are both process and product oriented with the intention of maximizing collaboration and impact.

Panel moderation:

We’re experienced moderators who consistently host conversations that are lively, engaging, and worthwhile.


We provide pre-packaged and custom designed webinars for you and your stakeholders to bring you up to speed on a sharing related topic. These are led by Shareable staff and can include experts from our global network.

Event design & track development:

Shareable has been involved in the production of over 200 events. From living room meet ups to three-day conferences, we know what it takes to pull off successful events whether it’s logistics or ensuring a meaningful experience for participants. Learn more about our speaking experience here >>

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