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The Response is a podcast and documentary series exploring the remarkable communities that arise in the aftermath of disasters. Spanning the globe, each episode takes a deep dive into a unique location to uncover the under-reported stories that are hidden just beneath the surface of extraordinary events.

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Season 2 of The Response will debut soon.

Like season one, season two will feature three episodes exploring the initial community response and ongoing recovery efforts of three disasters. We’ll look at the Puebla earthquake in Mexico, the Grenfell Tower fire in the U.K., and the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear meltdown in Japan.

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We just completed our first documentary film! The Response: How Puerto Ricans are Restoring Power to the People” premiered on July 24th in Oakland, CA in front of a standing room only crowd.

The 30-minute micro-budget film explores the mutual aid centers that sprung up across the island in the wake of Hurricane Maria in 2017. It gives voice to those involved in these bold grassroots relief efforts by sharing their stories of the devastating storm, the recovery, and the movement for popular power that emerged in response. The full release in August will include a toolkit so that anyone can host a local screening (let us know if you want to to host one).

New editorial series about community resilience and disaster collectivism on

New articles will be posted weekly through September 2019. We’re looking forward to pulling all the stories together in a book before the end of the year (just like Shareable’s series on “Community Solutions to Loneliness Epidemic”).

Get caught up on the first season of The Response Podcast right now.

The Response Podcast Episode 1Episode 1: Radical approaches to disaster relief in New York

In the first episode of this series, we take a deep dive into the Rockaways Peninsula in New York City, to explore how, in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, a grassroots network of activists and volunteers emerged under the banner of Occupy Sandy to coordinate one of the most effective relief efforts in the city.

The Response Podcast Episode 2Episode 2: How Puerto Ricans are restoring power to the people

In the wake of Hurricane Maria, a quiet revolution has been percolating on the island of Puerto Rico. In our second episode, we tell the story of how an impromptu community kitchen meant to help feed survivors in the town of Caguas quickly grew into an island-wide network of mutual aid centers (Centros de Apoyo Mutuo) with the ultimate goal to restore power — both electric and civic — to the people.

The Response Podcast Episode 3Episode 3: The impact of Northern California fires on the undocumented community

The third episode of The Response travels to Northern California to provide a unique perspective on the topics of climate change and immigration. We explore how, in the face of ICE raids, labor violations, a housing crisis, and climate-fueled wildfires, the broader community is coming together to stand in solidarity with those who are being forced into the shadows.

Share YOUR stories of The Response

Share your stories

Last year we asked listeners to share their stories of disaster relief or preparation efforts, several of which can be read here. As we launch our next series — including the second season of the podcast, a micro-budget documentary film, articles, and how-to guides — to explore the remarkable communities that create systems change after disaster, we want to hear from you once again. Please participate in Shareable’s Collaborative Storytelling Project.

Resources and tools for community resilience and disaster response

Disaster response and community resilience resources

If the themes and stories presented in The Response have inspired you to take action in your community, here’s a growing list of resources to build community resilience before and after a disaster happens.

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Tom Llewellyn (executive producer and host), Robert Raymond (series production, script writer, and sound design), and Juan C. Dávila (director of The Response film)

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