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Shareable is partnering with Tufts University on this ongoing lecture series hosted by professor Julian Agyeman (co-chair of Shareable’s governing board) and Cities@Tufts. The series explores equity and diversity in urban planning and design.

Initially created for Tufts students, faculty, and alumni, the colloquium has been opened up to the public with the support of Shareable and The Kresge Foundation.

Lectures are scheduled for most Wednesdays from 12-1pm est in the Spring and Fall semesters and feature a 30-min presentation and 30-min discussion. Find the upcoming schedule (and recordings of past events) below.

In order to increase the accessibility of this content, Shareable produces a human-corrected transcript, audio podcast, and video from each presentation in addition to providing additional opportunities to join the sessions live.

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Fall 2021 Lectures

Cities@Tufts: From Urban Resilience to Climate Justice with Kian Goh

From Urban Resilience to Climate Justice with Kian Goh

Event Recording:

Vivek Shandas, professor, Portland State University

Fahrenheit 911: Heat, Cities, and Climate Literacy from the Ground Up with Vivek Shandas

December 8, 2021 | 12-1 PM EST | Register to join the event live:

Rethinking the Future of Housing Worldwide: Favelas as a Sustainable Model with Theresa Williamson

Event Recording:

Contested Geographies of Food, Ethnicity, and Gentrification

Contested Geographies of Food, Ethnicity, and Gentrification with Pascale Joassart-Marcelli

Event Recording:

The Commons: Land, Property, Information, and Landscape Agency

The Commons: Land, property, information, and landscape agency with Kofi Boone

Event Recording:

Melissa Peters, Director of Community Planning at City of Cambridge

The New Rules of (Planning) Engagement: Restructuring planning processes to ensure inclusive decision-making and equitable outcomes with Melissa Peters

Event Recording: Restructuring planning processes to ensure inclusive decision-making and equitable outcomes

Climate Action In the Global South

Climate Action in the Global South: is net zero (sufficiently) inclusive? with Jessica Omukuti

Event Recording:

Resisting Invisible Woman Syndrome with Jay Pitter

Resisting Invisible Women Syndrome with Jay Pitter (Live event only – no recording will be made available)

Marccus Hendricks, Director of Stormwater Infrastructure Resilience and Justice (SIRJ) La

Unequal Protection Revisited: Planning for Environmental Justice, Hazard Vulnerability, and Critical Infrastructure in Communities of Color with Marccus Hendricks

Event Recording:

Exploring the Impacts of Over-Policing Black Mobility in the U.S

Arrested Mobility: Exploring the Impacts of Over-Policing Black Mobility in the U.S. with Charles T. Brown

Event Recording:

The Green City and Social Injustice: Tales from North America and Europe

The Green City and Social Injustice: Tales from North America and Europe with Isabelle Anguelovski & James Connolly

Event Recording:

Spring 2021 Event Recordings + Transcripts

February 3, 2021

From green privilege to green gentrification: Environmental justice vs White Supremacy in the 21st century American and European city with Isabelle Anguelovski

February 10, 2021

Sacred Civics: What would it mean to build seven-generation cities? with Jayne Engle

February 17, 2021

Organizing for Food Sovereignty in Boston: A Personal History with Greg Watson

March 3, 2021

From Spatializing Culture to Social Justice and Public Space: A Journey from Research to Action with Setha Low

March 10, 2021

Exploring Invisible Women Syndrome with Jay Pitter (postponed)

March 31, 2021

A Garden in the Street: The Introduction of Street Trees in Boston and New York with Anne Beamish

April 7, 2021

The Co-Cities Project with Sheila Foster

April 14, 2021

The Past, Present, and Future State of Cities with Kurt Kohlstedt

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Cities@Tufts is a cross-disciplinary academic initiative that recognizes Tufts University as a leader in urban studies, urban planning, and sustainability issues. Anchored by the department of Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning, it aims to highlight our impressive contributions in community strategy, civic democracy, ethnographic research, urban and community health, food justice and security, urban politics and economics, social inequalities, and GIS. Cities@Tufts works with students, academics, policymakers and planners, businesses, and community stakeholders to develop cross-disciplinary and cross-sector collaborative and community-based research. We aim to develop solutions to today’s urban challenges and opportunities based not on presupposed notions but on being critical: first asking the right questions.

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