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Libraries of things (often called LoTs)  are a community space for the social practice of borrowing and sharing to take place. They hold true to the traditional mechanics of a library while pushing borrowing material to a new edge. Instruments, gardening tools, camping gear, sporting equipment, and more are up for grabs to be borrowed throughout the community. 

The Library of Things Co-Lab makes this culture-change movement accessible for every community of resilience. This Co-Lab operates as a resource-sharing hub that guides organizers through the process of incubating and strengthening libraries of things as a social practice for communities.

The Co-Lab will offer a robust digital toolbox, educational resources, a peer support network, facilitated project groups, monthly educational sessions, and a fellowship for a select group of organizers in marginalized communities in the US who will receive additional resources to incubate a LoT in their community.

  1. Research + Development. Earlier this year, our project team administered an international survey to existing LoTs, conducting qualitative interviews with a select number of LoT managers and community organizers to benchmark the state of LoTs around the globe.  The final report and media/fundraising toolkit will be published in January 2024.
  2. Education + Support. The LoT Fellowship will begin in November 2023 and Workshops and Facilitated Project Teams will begin in February 2024.
  3. Integration + Resource Improvement. During the LoT program, we’ll integrate what we’ve learned into the LoT ToolBox, which will be published with a Creative Commons License so that it can be used and improved freely.

If you’re interested in joining the Library of Things Co-Lab as a participant, advisor, resource contributor, workshop presenter, or project team member, please share your information with us below!

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Initial Partners in the LoT Co-Lab include: