Community Maps


#MapJam 3.0:

#MapJam events bring communities together in cities around the world to connect the dots and map grassroots sharing projects, cooperatives, community resources, and the commons.

#MapJam 3.0 will build upon the tremendous success of our past campaigns where hundreds of mappers have come together in over 80 cities to create these useful public resources. We will continue working with our partners to create a global open source sharing map linking all of the local maps together!

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If you have a map, you’d like to send to the list, please email Tom Llewellyn at

Sharing City Community Maps:


  1. Hong Kong, China


  1. Brussels, Belgium
  2. Helsinki, Finland
  3. St. Etienne, France
  4. Paris, France
  5. Munich, Germany
  6. Berlin, Germany (2nd Open Street Map of Berlin)
  7. Athens, Greece
  8. Thessaloniki, Greece
  9. Budapest, Hungary
  10. Ireland (Entire Country)
  11. Napoli, Italy
  12. Rome, Italy
  13. Torino, Italy
  14. Nijmegen Deelstad, Netherlands
  15. The Hague, Netherlands
  16. Utrecht, Netherlands
  17. Oslo, Norway
  18. Krakow, Poland
  19. Lisbon, Portugal
  20. Ljubljana, Slovenia
  21. Barcelona, Spain
  22. Gijon, Spain
  23. Las Palmas, Spain
  24. Stockholm, Sweden
  25. Gothenburg, Sweden
  26. Bern, Switzerland
  27. Leeds, UK
  28. Lincoln, UK
  29. London, UK
  30. Cardiff, Wales, UK

Middle East

32. Beirut, Lebanon

North America


  1. Burlington, ON, Canada
  2. Elora, ON, Canada
  3. Toronto, ON, Canada
  4. Vancouver, BC, Canada

United States (By Time Zone)


  1. Berkeley, California, USA
  2. Mountain View, California, USA
  3. Los Angeles Area, California, USA
  4. Oakland, California, USA
  5. San Francisco, California, USA
  6. San Luis Obispo, CA, USA (Contribute a Location to this Map)
  7. Santa Cruz, Ca, USA
  8. Sonoma County, California, USA
  9. Corvallis, Oregon, USA
  10. Eugene, Oregon, USA
  11. Portland, Oregon, USA
  12. Olympia, WA USA


  1. Boulder, Colorado, USA
  2. Denver, Colorado, USA
  3. Salt Lake City, Utah, USA


  1. Austin, Texas, USA
  2. Chicago, Illinois, USA
  3. Goshen, IN, USA
  4. Kansas City, Missouri, USA
  5. Lawrence, Kansas, USA
  6. Louisville, Kentucky, USA
  7. Minneapolis/Twin Cities, Minnesota, USA
  8. St. Louis, Missouri, USA


  1. Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
  2. Detroit, Michigan, USA
  3. Atlanta, Georgia, USA (2nd Map of Public Libraries)
  4. Asheville, North Carolina, USA (2nd Asheville Wiki Map)
  5. Boston, Massachusetts, USA
  6. Charlottesville, Virginia, USA
  7. Chicago, Illinoise, USA
  8. Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA
  9. Hartford, CT, USA
  10. Stamford, Connecticut, USA
  11. Media, PA USA (Contribute a Location to this Map)
  12. NYC, New York, USA (Solidarity NYC)
  13. Rochester, New York, USA
  14. Silver Spring, Maryland, USA
  15. Washington, D.C., USA

South America

​   69. Rio de Janairo, Brazil


  1. Adelaide, Australia (or this one)
  2. Canberra, Australia
  3. Melbourne, Australia
  4. Yarra, Australia
  5. Sydney, Australia
  6.  Christchurch, New Zealand