Jonathan Zittrain, co-founder of Harvard’s Berkman Center, will be delivering one of the keynote addresses of Free Culture X, a conference of Students for Free Culture to be held February 13/14th at the George Washington University in Washington, D.C. Other keynotes will be delivered by the co-founder of the public interest group Public Knowledge, Gigi Sohn, and the director of American University’s Center for Social Media, Pat Aufderheide. 

The conference is focused on developing greater openness among institutions of higher education by specifically investigating: 
  • The politics of open networks,
  • Global access to knowledge,
  • Free software, and
  • Open education. 

Registration is pay-what-you-want. Give how much you think the conference is worth! All proceeds will go directly to help projects of Students for Free Culture. The average registration is currently about $25. Gifts (such as signed copies of books by Lawrence Lessig and Henry Jenkins or custom voicemail recordings by Jonathan Zittrain) are awarded for bigger donations. Register here.

Shareable has organized coverage of Free Culture X through Students for Free Culture, and is helping students get to the event with a travel sponsorship. You can follow our free culture coverage here. 

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