Sharing Cities


Shareable's "Sharing Cities: Activating the Urban Commons" will be out Summer 2017!

Cities are one of the key economic and cultural engines of the world. Yet these densely populated areas are also beset with the most urgent challenges that societies face today, with numerous people in urban areas unable to access basic needs such as food, housing, and clean water.

Amidst this crisis lies tremendous opportunity for people to address these problems collectively. To do this, individuals, organizations, and local governments are turning to a basic human practice: sharing. By sharing their time, knowledge, space, and goods, people are finding that they can overcome scarcity by building and maintaining vital common resources. They are demonstrating how sharing leads everyone to have more, together.

"Sharing Cities: Activating the Urban Commons" showcases policies and case studies from more than 80 cities in 35 countries that embody the spirit and practicalities of sharing. It not only witnesses a movement, but is a practical reference guide for community-based solutions to a range of urban challenges. The aim of this book is to inspire others with ideas, lessons, and best practices for solutions that are grounded in community participation. We hope it will help connect local efforts for mutual support, encourage international partnerships, and most importantly, strengthen the sharing movement worldwide.

About Our Sharing Cities Work

Shareable was one of the key initiators of the sharing cities movement. In 2011, we organized ShareSF in San Francisco, California — the first event held under the joint theme of sharing and cities. As the sharing cities movement unfolded around the globe, we continued to mobilize and raise awareness through in-depth news coverage, consulting, and advising, particularly to policymakers and other leaders.

In 2013, we published "Policies for Shareable Cities" — the first ever sharing cities policy guide — in collaboration with the Sustainable Economies Law Center. That same year, we launched the Sharing Cities Network to connect local sharing activists in cities around the world for mutual support and movement building. Since then, dozens of cities have launched a sharing cities program. Most notable is the city government of Seoul, South Korea, which has invested heavily in creating a sharing city.

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