Undoubtedly many of our readers from around the world are reeling from the results of the U.S. presidential election. It has been the most divisive one in memory. The winning candidate used sexist, racist, and xenophobic language to rally supporters, stoke hate, and get media coverage. This is something we cannot support. It divides people, erodes our civic capacity, and makes working together for the common good more difficult. It’s also just plain wrong.

However, we empathize with some of the underlying feelings that may have driven people to vote for the President-elect. Many have been negatively impacted by the global economy and are economically disenfranchised. There is real suffering here. While anger is justified, we believe the target should be the politicians and corporate executives who are truly responsible. We must remember that the vast majority of us are part of the same struggle.

For the last seven years, Shareable has written about the myriad of ways people of different cultures, backgrounds, and lifestyles have shared their resources and time with each other. Every day, these individuals are creating a society built on human kindness and trust over greed and profit. Alone they may not seem like much, but together, they represent a movement towards more equitable economies and resilient communities.

No politician can stop you from participating in a cooperative, community garden, timebank, credit union, tool library, or simply being compassionate, helpful, and generous every day. You have a lot of power to grow a beautiful life in your local community; a daily life where everyone is included, respected, and supported. Use your power. Now is the time to use it more than ever. You don’t have to wait on, count on, or ask anyone’s permission. 

We remain dedicated to seeking out those who are on this journey with us. We invite every person no matter their race, gender, geography, class, religion, ability, or ideology to apply their mind and their heart to solutions that put the people and environment first. The spirit of the sharing community is durable. It transcends election cycles. Remember that it is within our capacity to work with friends, family, and neighbors to improve the quality of our lives.

Let’s build a future where everyone thrives by working together. It's in our hands right now.

Team Shareable


Photo credit: Marcin Wichary Foter.com / CC BY