The tough economic times we've faced the last few years has hit one particular demographic with a double-whammy. Students not only face soaring tuition costs that lead to staggering debt loads, but they also step into a world with fewer jobs to help them pay down that debt. At the same time, community service groups need more and more help, largely due to the same perfect economic storm.  

Seeing those two disparate pieces and understanding the importance of civic engagement, the founders of decided to add a third to the equation — sponsors — to make it a win-win-win. The students get real-world experience and debt relief; the nonprofits get skilled, highly motivated volunteers; and the sponsors get the satisfaction of knowing their dollars are going to good use (along with a tax deduction, of course).

Here's how it works…SponsorChange:

  • consults with non-profits to establish service projects
  • recruits skilled volunteers to complete those service projects
  • raises funds to support the service projects which are used to directly pay down student loans

The video goes into more detail. We still need to fix higher ed, but this could help those already in a bind.

Kelly McCartney


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