Before I get to begging for votes, I have to say thanks to our amazing members and the Shareable community! Thank you so much for making our national launch a huge success! It's been an amazing month. Thousands of members joined NeighborGoods, invited their friends and added their stuff to the inventory. Our neighbors are now sharing well over $2 million worth of stuff! That makes us the fastest-growing peer-to-peer lending/renting site out there. It's an increasingly hot space and we're proud to be leading the way!

Vote for NeighborGoods in Pepsi Refresh!

We are honored that so many of you have given us the opportunity to help you and your neighbors save money and resources by sharing stuff you already own. We promise to keep improving our service and to keep kicking ass for you! But we need your help. I'm sure you've heard of the Pepsi Refresh Project by now. You've probably even had some of your friends bug you for votes to support various ideas. This month, we're asking for your support to help us win $50k!

I know there are so many contests these days and it can get a little annoying. But this cash will go a long way for us and we'd appreciate it if you can take a minute out of your day to vote for the NeighborGoods community. HOW TO VOTE: Just visit this link and click "Vote for this idea:"

If you've got a Facebook account, you can vote with just one click. You can vote once a day through the month of August. It's an easy and free way to show your support for our mission to build stronger, more sustainable communities through sharing! Thanks in advance for your support!




Micki Krimmel is the founder of a community where you can save and earn money by sharing stuff with your neighbors. Why buy when you can borrow? Micki has

Things I share: I share all my stuff! Check out my inventory on! I also share an office loft in downtown LA called The Idyllic Nerd Commune. If you're looking for space, let me know.