Life is but a series of experiences. There's no thing that can top great life experiences, so why not give them for the holidays? It'll endear you to recipients, and instantly shrink your environmental footprint at the same time – no boxes, gift wrap, or batteries required. Here are the top ideas for Shareable readers pulled from my book The Mesh: Why the Future of Business is Sharing:

1. For the relentless business innovator – Kicklabs: Know someone who is insanely driven, born to innovate, destined to make a difference? Kicklabs provides the tools, space, and expertise to make their destiny a reality. No batteries required.

2. For DIY stitchers – BurdaStyle: Your mother-in-law is dying to sew a Kimono, but she needs that perfect pattern. Look no further! Burdastyle brings the craft of sewing to a new generation of designers, hobbyists, DIYers, and anyone looking to sew.










Pic courtesy of BurdaStyle.

3. For makers & those who like to get dirty – Fab Lab Academy: You know someone who really wants to make things? Enroll her in this digital fabrication school in a country near you. Courses available in Barcelona, Amsterdam, Pune, Cleveland, San Diego, Nairobi, and Madrid.









Pic courtesy of Fab Lab Academy.

4. For the patron of the arts, music, literature, or film – KissKissBankBank: For the seriously French: Become a micro-patron of your creative French cousin. When he becomes the next Monet, you’ll be happy you did. Or fund your creative friends on









Pic courtesy of KissKissBankBank.

5. For foodies who like it local – Local Dirt: Your friend Grace wants a little more organic, grass-fed, heirloom, and free-range in her life? Through Local Dirt, you can satiate her craving by purchasing produce from local farmers.









Pic courtesy of Local Dirt.

6. For the car-less cruiser – B-cycle: Buy a B-card for your car-less friend, and give him the gift of wheels. Bikes available in Chicago, Denver, Des Moines, Louisville, and San Antonio. No maintenance required means no fixing flats.

7. For the gifted and talented . . . and generous – Sparked: Got spare time? Micro-volunteer online. Get sparked!

There's a bunch more ideas in our Mesh Holiday Gift Guide 2010.

Lisa Gansky


Lisa Gansky

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