Last weekend, I got to see the future of making objects in the information economy at the World Maker Faire in New York.

Since finance has replaced manufacturing at the core of in the United States’ economy, some have worried that “We don’t make things anymore.” And in one sense they are right— giant companies no longer employ a majority of the workforce in complicated fabrication processes and huge factories lie dusty and empty. But you could never think Americans don’t make great things if you met even one of the hackers, makers, or crafters I saw this weekend.

Maker Faires, with their festival ambiance, amazing showcases and shops and bigtime promotional tents, have been going on since 2006 when Make Magazine put on the first one in the San Francisco Bay Area. They show the playful, whimsical and quirky side of maker culture, and, as you can see, everyone has a real good time.

Check out the slideshow to see what was at the show, and look for a Maker Faire near you at their site.





Will is a web developer, biker, code monkey, DIYer, furniture maker, and Kung Fu student living in Brooklyn.