Sharing economy advocacy group Peers announced today the hiring of Shelby Clark as it's new executive director.

Shelby, an early employee of Kiva, founded the peer-to-peer carsharing service RelayRides, which operates carsharing marketplaces in 2,300 U.S. cities. Clark will continue to serve as a Board Member of that company.

In an email announcing the hire, Peers co-founder and outgoing Executive Director Natalie Foster said that the move is part of a shift at the organization to, "expand the ways Peers supports your [members] participation in the sharing economy."

This appears to be a shift in emphasis from advocacy efforts on behalf of platform owners like Airbnb and Lyft, which garnered them much criticism, to supporting providers (host, drivers, etc.) on those platforms with benefits that don't normally come with contingent work. Re/code quoted Clark as saying, "We are in the corner of the members."  

"Given Shelby's pioneering background in social entrepreneurship, he's the perfect person to lead Peers forward in this direction," said Foster.

Shelby is a graduate of Harvard Business School and Northwestern University.

Nina Ignaczak


Nina Ignaczak

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