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This week’s episode of the MBA Series is focused on the next steps we should all be looking at. The idea of the next economy has an obvious connection to the future, but we also like to bring things into sight in the present and ground what we are doing with what is happening right now, all around us.

Here, Erin and Kevin cover some of the most fundamental bases, unpacking the subjects of healthcare, housing, and education, as well as looking at how you can find a good container for your energy and abilities. One of the pillars of this discussion, as always, is the concept of systems change, and how this can be accomplished.

Due to the breadth and depth of the necessary steps, we will most likely be dropping into a ‘part two’ of this conversation, so make sure to check back for that. But for now, join us to hear all about the areas and initiatives we are most inspired by and some fresh ideas that might just help you rethink how we can build a brighter world, together.


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Key Points From This Episode:

Unpacking the next steps and the idea of systems change. [0:02:17]

•   Things on the horizon that we are excited about.  [0:05:30]

•   Exploring the best roles for certain characteristics and skill sets. [0:09:35]

•   Some of the biggest issues with the current healthcare systems and possible solutions to these. [0:14:14]

•   A look at the future of education and its central role in real progress. [0:29:55]

•   Thoughts on the future of housing, land, and the provision of shelter. [0:45:15]

•   What we want to cover in part two on this topic. [0:56:14]

Tweetables from Marketing and Messaging in the Next Economy:

“There have been some attempts to hack the system, using existing permissible structures that can counter some of the perverse incentives.” — Erin Axelrod [0:15:52]

“We definitely need a better grasp on the plurality of ways to learn and grow.” — Erin Axelrod [0:42:03]

“One of the things that brings us the most hope is this movement to de-commodify housing.” — Erin Axelrod [0:43:03]

“There are efforts happening in every realm.” — Kevin Bayuk [0:54:31]

“There is a lot of work being done, it’s not all connected.” — Kevin Bayuk [0:57:27]

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