The truck unfolds into a spacious three-level home. (Daily Megabyte)

They say a person's home is his castle. But what about their truck? New Zealanders Jola and Justin have done the seemingly impossible, building a road-ready house truck that transforms into a high-ceilinged abode with full kitchen, roof deck, and—yes—a pair of turrets.

Justin sketched plans for the castle truck as the couple prepared to return home after living abroad. "I like engineering, I like art," he told Living Big in a Tiny House's Bryce Langston. "When you can put them both together, it's really good. This is like one big art project." The ingenious design folds up to meet road safety requirements. Once parked, the body of the truck unfolds into a surprisingly spacious three-level house.

The main level contains the kitchen area, accented in wood reclaimed from old telephone poles, fold- and roll-out dining and living room furniture, and a glassy entryway that accordions open to maximize connection to the outdoors. The many-sided lounge on the second level is wallpapered in sheet music, while the covered roofdeck above features a hammock, a solar-powered food-drying station, and a full-sized bathtub.

The truck's twin turrets house a composting toilet and shower, respectively, the latter complete with a small washer and dryer. Solar panels on the truck's roof combine with gas and a small wood stove to meet the family's energy needs.

Think this all sounds too good to be true? See for yourself in Living Big in a Tiny House's video tour.


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