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Sharing has been a large part of human existence since the beginning of time. Villages and our indigenous cultures leveraged this practice as a means to access life-sustaining support for survival. Currency and western practices of centralizing resources began to incite massive division within cultural communities across the globe causing less internal support of community members and more interdependence on outside entities and economic systems.

Since the pandemic, we’ve witnessed a movement of both hyper-local mutual aid and neighborhood collaborative support. We at Shareable are excited to support these efforts even more by building out our local community program starting where the constitution was written in Historic Germantown, a section of Philadelphia, PA. Come join us as we ignite and highlight what Sharing can look like when fully adopted as a way of life on a local level.

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Shareable Philly is our movement to ignite a local Sharing Economy starting in Germantown, Philadelphia. Our goal is to acknowledge the existing beauty of this neighborhood and inspire deeper community connections through sharing economy practices.

We want to uplift the community leaders who are doing the work towards the advancement of Germantown and to encourage a cohesive system linking resources to leaders, neighbors, and small businesses. Our hope is that by documenting the journey to normalizing the sharing economy within Germantown that we could inspire another collective in another city and keep the movement going…

We’ve met up with some of the city’s most influential community leaders, staple small businesses (old and new), and local collectives that believe in the value of stimulating the sharing economy within Germantown. We are in the process of documenting the skills and resources within the city and creating a local sharing-based collective that allows community members to offer their skills and get support directly from their neighbors to get things done.

To say the least, part of Germantown’s magic is its unique culture of resiliency, incredibly high-potential, and an undeniable wealth of skills, talent, and knowledge waiting to be shared. We’re excited to take you on the journey!

If you believe that every community should be a sharing-community, then please make a contribution to support Shareable Local today.

Upcoming Shareable Local Events in Germantown

Shareable Local: Germantown Map JamMapJam January 13th, 2021 (this event has been postponed and will be rescheduled soon).

We’re bringing Shareable’s MapJam to Germantown! This is an event to organize and connect community members to the wealth of skills and resources that exist within Germantown.

We’ll be highlighting the sharing economy that exists in the neighborhood and exploring ways to strengthen our support system to ensure we’re all just a phone call away from what we need.

The event will be centered around a group mapping exercise which will result in the creation of a new Germantown Sharing Map.

Key speakers: Nic Esposito (Circular Philadelphia), Tuomi Forrest (Germantown Historical Society), Karla Ballard (Shareable / YING)

Coming in 2022 (dates TBA)

  • Developing Economic Wellness to increase Cross-Cultural Collaboration and Racial Harmony in Germantown.
  • City policies and public-private partnership opportunities to grow the Sharing Economy in Germantown.


Shareable Philly Activation Partners:

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