OK seriously you guys. I need your help. I've fallen victim yet again. For years I have protested the commercial nature of the holiday season to no avail. I still feel obligated to buy gifts for my family. Yes, even me, the founder of sharing website Even I get sucked into the cycle of materialism at this time of year. Who can bear the look of a disappointed mother? Who can say no to a loyal sibling?

Thankfully has posted lots of gift ideas to check the adults off my list.

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7 Experiences to Give from The Mesh Holiday Gift Guide

But think of the children! The nieces and nephews who distribute their fickle love based on which gifts have the most bleeps, bloops and bling. The children defeated my resolve yet again, dear readers. I spent way too much money buying my spoiled bratty amazing hilarious genius beautiful nieces the newest and coolest consumer electronics. Somebody stop me! How can I use the holiday as an opportunity to teach them about what's really important? Maybe those of you with kids of your own can give me some pointers for next year?

Thanks and Merry Christmas!

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