The Past, Present, and Future State of Cities with Kurt Kohlstedt - Shareable

The Past, Present, and Future State of Cities with Kurt Kohlstedt



Apr 14, 2021 - Apr 14, 2021

12:00 PM

UTC/GMT -05:00 - America/New_York


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About the speaker: Kurt Kohlstedt writes articles and tells stories at 99% Invisible in addition to managing the website and coming up with wacky episode titles. He recently co-authored The 99% Invisible City, a field guide to the hidden world of everyday design, with show host Roman Mars. Kurt studied philosophy at Carleton College before pursuing a graduate degree in architecture at the University of Washington, Seattle. He also likes to tweet about urbanism, architecture, and raccoons.


This event is part of a special eight-session series hosted by professor Julian Agyeman, Cities@Tufts, and Shareable.
Initially designed for Tufts students, faculty, and alumni, the colloquium has been opened up to the public with the support of Shareable, The Kresge Foundation, and Shift Family Foundation.
In order to increase the accessibility of this content, Shareable will be releasing the transcripts, audio, and video from these presentations in addition to providing additional opportunities to join the sessions live.
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