Right Livelihood and the New Economy Retreat - Shareable

Right Livelihood and the New Economy Retreat


The Eco-Institute at Pickards Mountain 8519 Pickards Meadow Road Chapel Hill, NC 27516


Oct 25, 2019 - Oct 27, 2019


It can be difficult to make ends meet, let alone find a job that enlivens us to meaningfully contribute to the ecological, political, and social challenges of our time. Reframing work as part of our ‘right livelihood’ invites us to see work as a spiritual path and a vehicle for economic systems change.

Right livelihood comes from Buddhist philosophy and it is part of what is called the ‘eightfold noble path,’ which can be seen as a set of suggestions for ethical living. ‘Right livelihood’ reframes our work as efforts that contribute to a more life-sustaining and thriving world. It includes work that is paid and unpaid. This includes things like parenting, care work, volunteer work, activism, and art making because even though we are not always paid to do this work, they contribute to healthy communities and a healthy planet.

When we think about our livelihood as our service to the wellbeing of ourselves, each other, and the planet, it opens us up to new dreams and possibilities. Pairing these with alternative livelihood theories, tools, and business models empowers us to actualize them and contribute more substantially to the more equitable, sustainable, and just world we want right now.

Join us for a transformative weekend that aims to align your livelihood with your deeper purpose. Wherever you are on your journey, this course will help you pause to reflect, reconnect with what’s important to you, and go forth with tools and insights to help make your dreams come to life. Weaving stories, embodiment practices, games, with wisdom from the New Economy movement.