Can you make this text look hot? 

  • Thanks for Being a Real Place!
  • No TV or TV Only Visible in Bar Area
  • No Advertising Screens or Other Distractions
  • Conversational Atmosphere
  • I’m Going to Tell My Friends About This Place

As I describe in my Shareable.net article "Real People, Real Places," television is taking over our bars, cafes, and restaurants.

But not everywhere: Some just say no to television, and I think we should give them our business and tell them why we’re giving them our business. That’s why, in the course of writing the article, I devised a polite little invention called the Dollar Hollar. The idea is very simple; it just needs a great design!

That’s where you come in. If you’re a graphic designer, illustrator, artist, or student looking for exposure, extreme service to society, and a little cash, why not enter the Real Places Dollar Hollar Design Contest?

Can you put this text (or text like it; feel free to modify) on an awesomely designed paper form that folds perfectly around a dollar bill with the first line of text showing at the top? Wanna help reinforce media-free Real Places by making sure the management knows they got it right?

Shareable.net will give $100 and massive love to the gifted designer who makes the Dollar Hollar look like the wave of the future that it is. Fans of Shareable.net can download it for free, then use it to wrap up their tip and show the hospitality industry that there’s a powerful demographic of us out here who want atmosphere, not more media overwhelm. One runner-up will win $50.

Send your a PDF of your design, along with your name and contact information, to jeremy (at) shareable.net by May 1, 2010. It can be a scanned hand sketch, or something more elaborate–we’ll know a good idea when we see it! 

And, please spread the word of this contest to people who might enter! 

Jen Burke Anderson


Jen Burke Anderson

Jen Burke Anderson is a writer, thinker, and activist obsessed with media, cultural democracy, common values, and the impact of ideas on society. She writes about music, film, media, culture,