Napoli, Italy

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Mappina is a communication platform for collaborative urban mapping and want to build a Alternative Map of Naples intercepting the variety of languages ​​used to express the city. Intends to achieve – through a collective and critical contribution to the stereotypical images of Naples – open readings, multiple, variable, imaginary, many voices of the city.

To do this we not address to Naples enunciated (books, postcards, guides, etc) but the one that states that produces stories and imagine. We turn to you, the people, students, professionals in the cultural field and to all those that capture – through photos, videos and texts – the daily experience of this city. We want to compose, through your own experience, a collective map that draws a new narrative of the city, which opens to a different eyes and is one occasion where you can try alternative ways to transform the city.

MappiNa builds georeferencing practices that are seen in the PLACE and SOUNDS that are heard in the city, the UNUSED places to explore and IDEAS of reuse or to crossing the city. It builds bringing out the variety of ACTORS that produce culture and EVENTS that spread.

Mappina also carries Open Labs as Photowalking, Mapping Party, site-specific projects and Pop Up Hub: initiatives through the city and experimentation of the look and listening, instant collaborative mapping and reuse temporary actions that catalyze creativity dispersed through new urban imaginary.

Mappina is an attempt to collective construction of the image of Naples by its inhabitants, not citizens more users and / or users of public spaces, but the protagonists of their places of life, able to give meaning and significance to the city.