Today saw the birth of a brand-spanking new hyper-local news site, Oakland Local. 

I heard about Oakland Local from Susan Mernit, a Web 2.0 consultant and social media activist whom I think is destined to someday become a legend of some kind. Susan writes:

As you know, I’ve been working on launching Oakland Local (oaklandlocal.com) a news & community site for Oakland focusing on social justice issues including climate change, air quality, food access, arts as activists, and identity, race & ethnicity.

We have a New Voices grant from J-Lab, funded by The Knight Foundation, as seed money. Oakland Local is launching in partnership with 35 local nonprofit, neighborhood & community organizations—we combine postings of their news and information with blogging and with reported stories from a top quality news team (Susan Mernit, Amy Gahran, Kamika Dunlap, Kwan Booth, Ryan Van Lenning and others).

We are media partners & collaborators with Spot.us, Newsdesk.org, The Center for Investigative Reporting, New America Media, Endless Canvas, Youth Rising, Youth Radio and Youth Outlook as well. Our site offers forums, a directory of 320 local nonprofits and a blog directory of 180 active local bloggers as well.

Good luck, Susan & Co. Here’s hoping we at Shareable find ways to work with you and highlight your content!

Jeremy Adam Smith


Jeremy Adam Smith

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