The #SharingSpring is a decentralized movement that’s, well, springing up all over the world. Here at Shareable, we’ve rounded up #SharingSpring events, documented the Spring Clean Swap, Skillshare and DJ Party in Detroit, the Somerville Skillshare in Massachusetts and the A2 Sharing Summit in Ann Arbor, provided ideas and resources for hosting a sharefest, launched our Sharing Cities Network online hub and more.

But what's most exciting is the action being led by local sharers around the world.  Want to keep up with all the activity? A great way to do that is to follow the #SharingSpring hashtag.

Below, we’ve rounded up some our favorite (among thousands!) #SharingSpring tweets, status updates and Instagram posts. If you’re organizing or participating in #SharingSpring events, be sure to hashtag your posts, photos, links and videos. We’d love to see what your community is up to, and share it!

1. Rod Huntress: "A set of actions … is emerging autonomously from the grassroots." @Shareable sees a #sharingspring ahead:

2. PostGrowth Institute: Grow your city's #sharingeconomy, host a ShareFest! From coops to swaps, the sky's the limit #SharingSpring

3. travelswithaassia: #barcelona is for the #bikers #sharingspring #sharingeconomy #local bike rental store in #elborn #spain

SupperShare: Join @shareable #SharingSpring to learn great ways to share more. Start with coming to a #suppershare dinner!

4. Benjamin Tincq: The #SharingSpring is About to Bloom … be sure to wear some flowers in your hair 😉  inspiring @gorenflo!

5. Oakland News: via @oaklandlocal: Information on upcoming East Bay Share Fest & how to participate #oakland #SharingSpring

6. Trista Kendall: Trade you peanuts for acorns? These cuties from sharers in Ann Arbor are my favorite #SharingSpring mascots so far: 

7. OuiShare: The Sharing movement is scaling up its forces @Shareable @gorenflo #SharingSpring #SharingEconomy @OuiShareFest 

8. Mary Murphy: What is the sharing economy anyway? Watch the @newdream Share Spray video to learn more. Celebrate #SharingSpring! 

9. Valerie McCracken: Crowdsourced Ed! MT @Shareable Wow! Over 800 people showed up for the first-ever Somerville Skillshare  #SharingSpring

10. PostConsumers: Grow your city's #sharingeconomy, host a ShareFest! From coops to swaps, the sky's the limit #SharingSpring

11. Creative Colony: Mary sharing about where we could share here in Silver Spring. #sharefest #dtss #sharingspring

12. Bernie J Mitchell: I am LOVING the energy being generated with  #sharingspring  by the +Shareable crew and friends – looking forward…

13. Sabrina Rodriguez: "To share is to demonstrate a different world view that there's enough for everyone" #SharingFests for #SharingSpring 

14. Dax Lovegrove: The most popular items in Berlin's first "borrowing shop" are the electric drills  #sharingspring

15. State of Nature: Viva la #SharingSpring! By Adam Parsons  #stwr

16. Liz McLellan: A yard sharing community  #sharingspring Start today – Wherever you are!

17. Shareable: Just heard from friends & fellow sharers in Porto Alegre, Brasil. BIG plans for the #SharingSpring are on the horizon

18. Karen FrancisMcWhite: How does your garden grow? “@Shareable: seed libraries are sprouting this #SharingSpring" @npquarterly.  h/t @Peers

19. Share Vancouver: Find the #mapjam map + more info about @Share_Vancouver on the @Shareable #SharingCitiesNetwork pg: … #SharingSpring

20. OuiShare Fest: Multiplier effect: the ShareFest concept spreading to cities worldwide! @Shareable  #OSFest14 #SharingSpring

21. Peers: Help grow the local #sharingeconomy. Host a ShareFest!  w/ @Shareable @Ouishare & the #sharingspring community

22. As the #SharingSpring kicks off lets also work towards integrating sharing into public policy nationally and globally

23. Shareable: Great post by @global_sharing detailing the breadth & meaning of the #SharingSpring –  #collcons

24. New Dream: Excited to be a part of the #SharingSpring with @Shareable:

25. hyperlocavore: Our Seed Sharing Station at Jacob's Dream in Halfway, Oregon is up and running. #sharingspring

26. Trista Kendall: Seen on my daily neighborhood walk. #SharingSpring #ThisIsShareable #SF …

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27. Ahmad Sufian Bayram: From a movement to spring – The #SharingSpring is About to Bloom via @gorenflo… #sharingeconomy

28. Bernie J Mitchell: Hydroponic farm in Brooklyn serves up fresh veggies for food bank  #sharingspring #osfest14

29. Lim Yau Hooi: Silver Spring Maryland is sharing it up this #SharingSpring!
Checkout their ShareFest on May 10th, Twitter, FB… 

30. a2share: Great write-up on the #AnnArbor #Sharing Summit via @Shareable! #SharingSpring #collcons

31. Sharing Is Good: YOU GUYS! Please check out the #SharingSpring feature in the BEAUTIFUL new issue of @StirToActionMagazine!!

32. msijgers: Yes let’s do it!! RT @ManonMonhemius: Spring is in the air! #sharingspring Let's make a #mesh together @Shareable !

33. OuiShare: The #SharingSpring is about to bloom:  Let's build a stronger #sharingeconomy together via @Shareable

34. Silver Spring Maryland is sharing it up this ‪#‎SharingSpring‬! Check out their ShareFest on May 10th, Twitter, FB Group and website to get involved.

35. Alistair Whitby: Further signs of a #neweconomy: The #SharingSpring is About to Bloom  MT @NewEconomics #BeyondGDP

36. Triple Pundit Podium: Sharing Cities Network is growing. Don't see your city yet? Join up!   #SharingCities #SharingSpring via @Shareable

37. Kit R: The #SharingSpring is About to Bloom: Read more about the #sharing revolution coming to a city near you | Shareable

38. FrancescaPick: What's happening around the world right now? @gorenflo calls it the #SharingSpring @Shareable  #collecon

39. Silver Spring Inc: Just talked about promoting sharing yesterday RT @creativecolony: An awesome and inspiring movement  #SharingSpring

40. ‏@TheSharingBook  A call for Australia's Cities to Embrace the Sharing Economy:  #sharingspring #collcons #Australia


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