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We are proud to introduce a new resource to support local sharing initiatives, co-created by leaders from around the world. Welcome to the beta version of the Sharing Cities Network online hub, which you can find now through the new “Community” tab in the main navigation of The site will continue to be developed as we receive feedback and we welcome yours.

When the Sharing Cities Network concept began to emerge from conversations with grassroots organizers and community groups, we had no idea of the groundswell of support it would receive. After 60 map jams, $50k raised through our crowdfunder, more than 30 communities planning ShareFests and the over 30 initial cities that helped create their own city pages, it’s clear that the time is ripe for the Sharing Cities Network!

Over the past few months, we've hosted calls with local groups, sent out surveys, and started conversations on the Sharing Cities Facebook group (with over 1,000 members) to find out what sharing activists needed most. We are beginning to answer that call. The new Sharing Cities Network offers ways to collaborate and learn together.

Just as important, it provides tools to support local community organizing in a way that reflects your goals, vision, and values. The city pages are fully customizable to add: photos, text about your local movement, unique action buttons that you can tailor to your needs, links to get involved, events, news, shared resources and a sharing city map.

An overwhelming request from local sharing groups was to develop a central tool for sharing information among cities. We have been assessing various peer-to-peer learning and communication tools for the last 6 months and are open to suggestions. In the meantime, while we continue our search, we have integrated a simple solution into SCN on the “Learn Together” page. This is where we've begun to collect resources for: Sharing Cities Organizing, Community Action Guides, Legal and Advocacy Resources and Sharing Economy Presentations. We will use this until we further assess about how members communicate and share information. If you want to help with either the technological or resource research side of this project, please email us

After completing the virtual infrastructure, we put out a call for 20 cities to join the Sharing Cities Network and were thrilled to receive over 30 requests to create pages for the initial launch. In the next two weeks, we will host tutorials on how to customize and edit the pages and then hand off control of local pages to local organizers. In the coming months, we will bring more city pages online on a rolling basis and continue to receive feedback about how this network can best be of service before updating the platform to better fill those needs. If your city is on it's way to becoming a sharing city, you can fill out this application to get your city on the SCN in the next round.

If you aren’t ready to create a community page yet, don’t worry! Some cities are just getting started. Some easy ways to grow a young local sharing movement are:

It's a very exciting time as we move towards a new shared world together –  protecting our commons, instituting collective ownership for an equitable economy, and creating new ways to thrive in community. A cultural revolution is in the air.

Thanks so much to all our generous contributors listed below, including our sponsors: Seats2Meet, Freelancers Union, My Turn, Mesh Labs, Near Me, the New Economics Institute, and the patient and skilled Objective Consulting development team that helped support this project, as well as everyone who helped spread the word, especially the OuiShare crew!


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Mira Luna is a long time social and environmental justice activist, community organizer and journalist, working to develop an alternative economy. She co-founded Bay Area Community Exchange, a regional open