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Sharing has taken root and the #SharingSpring is in bloom. Around the world, people who understand the transformational power of sharing are gathering to collaborate, participate, rethink, swap, celebrate and create. Inspired by the Occupy movement, Arab Spring and M15, the #SharingSpring is about ordinary people gathering to create solutions to pressing issues in their communities.

From Sao Paulo to Detroit, people in cities around the world are organizing ShareFests this spring with support from the Sharing Cities Network, the Center for a New American Dream and partners. ShareFests create a real life model of the world we want, based in sharing, right now in our cities. The transformative experience of sharing is probably the most powerful way to change the story that we don’t have enough and that we need to sell our lives in order to buy happiness. To share is to experience an abundant, caring, people-powered economy.

The Ann Arbor, Michigan Sharing Summit provided a space for a variety of local sharing organizations to gather.

Want to get in on the #SharingSpring action? Find a ShareFest near you below or host your own. It doesn’t have to be a huge production (but it sure can be if you want!) and we are here to help.

Here are some resources to help you host an awesome ShareFest:

These are some of the cities that are currently organizing a ShareFest or Map Jam this Spring. Click on the link below to help support your local ShareFest and stay tuned, more details will be updated as the events develop.

  1. San Francisco, CA, June 1st, contact llana Lipsett
  2. East Bay/Oakland, CA, Creating Commons Festival on May 10th + Revolution of the Gift on May 4th ShareFest all the month of May, hosted by PLACE for Sustainable Living, Dana Cafe and Oakland LocalWiki, contact Syra
  3. Pasadena/Los Angeles Area, CA on May 3rd, hosted by the Pasadena Earth and Arts Festival and Armory Arts Center, contact Janine
  4. North Bay, CA on May 31, hosted by Share Exchange and Extended Relative
  5. Detroit, MI on April 5th, hosted by Cass Corridor Commons, contact Halima
  6. Ann Arbor, MI on March 22nd, hosted by A2Share, contact Ryan
  7. Rochester, NY (Eventbrite RSVP) on May 2-4, hosted by RocShare, contact Andre
  8. New York City, NY in September (Date TBA), contact Alison
  9. Silver Spring, MD on May 10th, hosted by Center for a New American Dream – Maryland, contact Mary
  10. Cleveland, OH on April 27th from 2-4pm
  11. Chicago, IL, hosted by Chicago Time Exchange (Date TBA), contact Seneca
  12. Madison, WI on May 28th, hosted by Dane County Timebank, contact Stephanie
  13. Denver, CO, hosted by Open Tech Collaborative, (Date TBA) contact Tristan
  14. Hartford, CT on June 14th, hosted by Public Allies CT, contact Olusanya
  15. Portland, OR Skillshare and ShareFest on July 12th, hosted by Share Portland, contact Noah
  16. Asheville, NC on May 31st, hosted by Share Asheville, contact Tom
  17. Boston, MA, hosted by Share Boston, (Date TBA) contact Julia
  18. Jackson, MS Coop Skillshare at Jackson Rising Conference, May 3rd from 3:15-5:15pm, contact Kali
  19. Oahu, HI, on September 20th, contact Transition Oahu
  20. Liège, Belgium on June 14th, contact Angelo
  21. Brussels, Belgium on July 3rd, contact Angelo
  22. Porto Alegre, Brazil on July 19th, map jam on June 1st, contact Alessandra
  23. Sao Paulo, Brazil, (Date TBA) contact Ariel
  24. Hong Kong on April 12th, contact Sung Ming
  25. Lisbon, Portugal, several events including Map Jam & ShareFest on April 12th and June 2nd, hosted by Aga Khan Foudation, contact Carla
  26. Prague, Czech Republic on June 1st, hosted by Hearth.net, contact Hearth.net
  27. Barcelona, Spain on May 3rd and June 27th, hosted by Aurea Social contact Ale Fernandez
  28. Hague, Netherlands on May 17th-18th, hosted by OuiShare Netherlands
  29. Melbourne, Australia on June 1st, hosted by Social Surplus, contact Darren Sharp
  30. Siderno, Italy on May 31st-June 2nd, contact Luigi
  31. Toronto, Canada on July 16th, contact Lucy & Brownwyn
  32. Vienna, Austria on May 31st
  33. Berlin, Germany on August 6th
  34. Killaloe, Ontario Earth Day Share Fair on April 26 from 10-2, contact Natalie
  35. Adelaide, Australia, hosted by Share & Save, (Date TBA) contact Sharon
  36. Gothenburg, Sweden on June 1st, contact Bert-Ola
  37. Ljubljana, Slovenia on June 1st
  38. Amsterdam, Netherlands, hosted by Share NL, (Date TBA) contact Harmen
  39. Tucson, AZ Map Jam, by Sustainable Tucson, contact Bob
  40. Vancouver, BC Map Jam on April 9th, by the Sharing Project, contact Chris
  41. Brisbane, Australia Map Jam, (Date TBA) contact Matt Dillon

If your city isn’t listed here, sign up to promote your planned event or get help organizing one.

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Mira Luna is a long time social and environmental justice activist, community organizer and journalist, working to develop an alternative economy. She co-founded Bay Area Community Exchange, a regional open