Are you/do you know authors, artists or publishers whose books or zines were raided by the police last night at Occupy Wall Street? I'm soliciting responses to compile in a post for Shareable.

Responses can be short—150-350 words is fine. So is longer if you're moved. I want to get this up by EOD or at least in the next 24 hours, the sooner the better.

Please send responses to me via email asap, and spread the word to relevant folks. It's a high priority to have a strong representation of women, queer, trans, and non-white voices in the post.

UPDATE: The post is live but we are still soliciting responses and will be updating the post tonight and tomorrow:

Please send your responses along!

Paul M. Davis


Paul M. Davis

Paul M. Davis tells stories online and off, exploring the spaces where data, art, and civics intersect. I currently work with a number of organizations including Pivotal and

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