We at Shareable have gone to great lengths to find exceptional talent to help carry out our mission. After months of searching, we’re happy to announce that our efforts have been richly rewarded with the additions of Maira Sutton and Joslyn Beile to our staff. Not only are they incredibly talented professionals, they also embody our values as people.

Maira, the new Campaign Organizer at Shareable, will be working on campaigns for the international Sharing Cities Network and building our future online advocacy projects. She was formerly at the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) for four years as a Global Policy Analyst, where she monitored and advocated for digital rights around emerging tech policy and their impact on access to knowledge, privacy, and free expression. She was one of the leading activists following the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade negotiations and its effects on users, scholars, creators, and innovators.

She earned her Bachelor’s degree at University of California Santa Cruz in Politics and Global Information and Social Enterprise Studies. At UCSC she was a Fellow and Coordinator for the Everett Program, which trains undergraduate students to become enterprising tech-literate activists for local to global social justice causes. In 2008, Maira lived and worked in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, as a legal researcher and tech intern with Sisters in Islam, a Muslim feminist organization.

Joslyn is the Operations Manager at Shareable, responsible for coordinating organizational development initiatives that keep Shareable running smoothly and in line with our values. Before joining Shareable, Joslyn spent nearly five years serving as Program Director and then Executive Director at Camellia Network (now LifeSet Network), a nonprofit online network that connects youth aging out of foster care to the material resources and emotional support they need to become successful adults. Before that, she also organized new Girl Scout troops in three Northern California counties, worked to support anti-torture efforts as an intern with Alliance for Justice, and did outreach on her college campus promoting transgender, sexual health, and primary care services available at Planned Parenthood.

Joslyn earned a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology at the University of California Santa Cruz and is currently pursuing a certificate in Nonprofit Leadership and Strategic Management at San Francisco State University.

We’re extremely grateful for the opportunity to work with Maira and Joslyn. We sought them out because they can take Shareable to the next level and are people of character and commitment who are great to be around day to day.