After two action-packed years with Shareable, Milicent Johnson, our dynamic and inspirational community manager, is headed in new directions.

She spent her last day with us recently. And we're celebrating her contributions to Shareable tonight 5:00-7:30pm at Mr. Smiths (34 7th Street, San Francisco).  If you're nearby, please join us!

Milicent is an impressive person, and she wowed us at Shareable. Her intelligence, warmth, and humor will be greatly missed.  The cool thing is that she'll be continuing on with us organizing the nascent Bay Area Sharing Economy Coalition (update: now called BayShare), which she was instrumental in launching.

This pioneering way was a consistent theme in her work at Shareable. She organized perhaps the first major gathering of sharing economy leaders at Share SF in May of 2011. She wrote one of Shareable's all time most shared stories, "Detroit, Community Resilience and the American Dream", which help us land our book deal for Share or Die. This amazing story (seriously, have a hanky ready) has been shared over 2,000 times and was republished in Grist and dozens of other sites.

Share NY was followed by stellar events in New York City (Share  NY in partnership with Parsons New School for Design) and Austin, Texas (Share Austin). She set a standard for event experience design within our community that I hope will be remembered and followed.

She designed our events to be inspiring, educational, community-driven, and to embody the spirit of sharing. She used an impressive variety of event formats to bring people together including panels, open space, world cafe, and more.  And then she invented a few of her own including People Poker (with Public Society), Idea Dating, and even collaborative sandwich making! This is really just scratching the surface.

We believe so much in the power her approach that we're codifying the principles she demonstrated in designing events.  That way a part of Milicent will be with us for a long, long time. But that's no replacement for her. She'll be missed greatly. Thank you Milicent all that you've shared with us and our community.

Please congratulate Milicent on her contributions to Shareable in person tonight or on Twitter.

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