In last week's episode Upstream explored the theme of economic inequality and looked at how neoliberal policies have impacted many communities, including Frome. This week's episode asks the following question: How can towns and communities around the world begin to make wellbeing and happiness the ultimate goal of their economy? 

Upstream takes a look at a number of different examples — from the municipal to the national scale — of communities that are already answering this question. From Bristol's Happy City Index, to Bhutan's Gross National Happiness development philosophy, there are many inspiring and informative examples of communities that are successfully redefining what the goal of their economic system is. 

How could communities like Frome begin to adopt wellbeing strategies that help further the initiatives that were discussed in episode one and bridge the divides discussed in episode two? There's no simple solution, but this episode explores some of the possibilities and presents some strategies that could provide answers to this most important of questions.


Ha Vinh Tho — program development coordinator of GNH Centre in BHutan
Martin Whitlock — businessman, author, co-founder of
Inez Aponte — founder of Growing Good Lives
Martin Kirk — co-founder of The Rules
Liz Ziedler — co-founder of Happy City
Richard Wilkinson — co-author of "The Spirit Level"
Maria Scordialos — co-founder of The Living Wholeness Institute
Annabelle Macfadyen — co-organizer, Home in Frome

Music by:

Molly Murphy (a million creatures)
Annabelle Macfadyen
Frome Street Bandits

Theme music by Lanterns by Robert Raymond and Molly Murphy

This is the third in a 3-part documentary series by Upstream exploring the intersections of new economics, class division, and wellbeing.

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