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Shareable has been expanding its organizing program to support the creation of sharing cities for over a year. We've offered seed funding for new sharing projects, coordinated global events like the #MapJam and ShareFests, sponsored a fellowship program, hosted numerous trainings, and facilitated the international Sharing Cities Network (SCN). Beginning last Summer, we responded to the calls from SCN organizers who voiced a need for a cohesive repository of resources to support their work.

To meet this need we’ve created the Sharing Cities Toolkit; an evolving compilation of resources with a mix of how-to’s, project guides, sample policies, advice and more. While a lot of these resources have been created by Shareable over the last five years, we're curating the best content from many organizations including the Sustainable Economies Law Center, Aorta Collective, Center for a New American Dream, OuiShare and others.  

While we’ve created an initial version of the toolkit, we need your insight to improve it. We have created a form so you suggest resources for the toolkit. Although it's a work in progress, we encourage you to start using the resources now. Shareable will continue to refine the kit leading up to the official release of the 2015 Sharing Cities Toolkit this Summer.

But what is actually included in the toolkit you ask? Currently, it is organized into 8 sections: Sharing City Organizing, Community Action Guides, Legal Advocacy Resources, Project Specific Resources, Fundraising Resources, Sharing Economy Presentations, Tools For Organizing and General Nonprofit Resources.

Sample Resources:

Want to help make the toolkit? Fill out the form to suggest resources (or send them by e-mail), join the Sharing Cities Network Facebook group to exchange ideas with other organizers or volunteer to translate our resource list. But most importantly, please use these resources so that together we can help communities share for a more joyous, resilient, and equitable world.

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