Back in late 2008, a grand experiment began in San Francisco — Forage SF. The brainchild of Iso Rabins, the project originally aimed to help local food gatherers turn foraging into viable livelihoods. A year later, Rabins branched out into the world of shareable food by starting the Underground Market which served as a sort of incubator for food entrepreneurs. It was an unqualified success. Then, last June, the Underground Market was shuttered by the City of San Francisco, despite Rabins’ best efforts to adhere to the spirit of various health laws, if not the letter.

Bruised, but never beaten, Rabins and his compatriots are back now with a bigger, bolder idea in Forage Kitchen. The project has raised nearly $100,000 on Kickstarter so far, but has only three more days to raise the remainder of its all-or-nothing goal of $150,000. If they get there, Forage Kitchen aims to provide a shared, multi-use space that will include a commercial kitchen, a cafe, office space, a meat locker, and more. Workshops and, possibly, a rooftop garden are also on the agenda.

As with any good thing, the Underground Market spun off myriad similar ventures across the country and the world, bringing people together around shared food. Rabins sees the same potential for Forage Kitchen. Give if you can, for the benefit of food lovers everywhere. And the premiums are pretty tasty!

Go here to fund Forage Kitchen.

Kelly McCartney


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