Last Sunday, my friends Josh and Erica plus their little Ursula hosted my wife Andrea, little Jake, and I for a tasty brunch at their Upper Haight flat. After a thoroughly enjoyable nosh and chat, we headed to what Josh calls his side yard – Golden Gate Park – which is just down the hill from his house.

It was a gorgeous day. The park was bustling with people – the ever-present drum circle supplied the sound track. We took our kids to the swing set, Josh and I took a moment to throw the Frisbee in a sunny meadow near the kids area, and then the lot of us headed over to the antique carousel where I took the above video with my cell phone cam. That's Andrea and Jake up front, and Erica, Josh, and Ursula behind them    

It was a perfect Shareable afternoon. It's not exactly what I imagined as a Year of Living Shareably adventure, but my idea of this experiment is already changing just twelve days in. It's becoming more clear how infused sharing already is in our everyday life. A shared meal and a stroll in a public park were not planned as a part of this experiment, but they're shareable nonetheless.

It also occurred to me that being more transparent about my personal life probably belongs in this experiment. What do you think? This post is definitely more in that spirit than what I initially imagined. I hadn't thought about opening up more as sharing. I'm by default fairly private, but I'm willing to open up more to see what happens. 

Note that this post also represents a technical evolution. This is the first video I've ever edited or posted on a blog. I promise to improve!

Teaser image by freya.gefn

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