If you're looking for something a bit more portable than what Airbnb offers, then check out Trailermade and let the adventures begin. The idea was born when two cousins went mobile for their own housing and realized there was a whole community needing support to do the same. 

Trailermade hosts can offer three options in their listing: Stay, Play, or Park It. Stay is, essentially, a hotel room — just on wheels that don't move. Play adds the motion, allowing users to rent and roam. With Park It, people have their own RV, but need a place to, well, park it, so they can rent a "driveway in Venice Beach or a vineyard in Napa Valley."

Helping to build and serve the community of campers is a big part of Trailermade's mission: 

We chose to focus our passion on what we loved doing growing up. Camping with friends and family, campfires, playing cards, s’mores, star gazing, long road trips, and meaningful conversation. We realized that majority of individuals feel the most alive when they are exploring, dreaming, creating, learning, having fun, and being with like minded individuals. This sound familiar to you? Our community movement is just an extension of who we are. Community = happier and healthier lives.

Co-founder Josh Toedt told GrindTV, “Our whole focus is building communities all over and to connect like-minded travelers. Because, in the camping industry, it can be daunting for people who have never camped. So Trailermade is bridging that gap and allowing your everyday person to have access to explore the outdoors." 

Although the newly launched Trailermade currently has only few hundred users — mostly in California and Colorado — partnerships with Patagonia, Tern Bicycles, and Snow Peak are sure to help get them on the map across the country. Even then, though, Toedt understands that the Trailermade life isn't for everyone: “Life is more about the experiences you have than how much stuff you actually own. It’s easier if you’re already living minimally to adapt that lifestyle.”

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