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Whether you're feeling jazzed about the sharing economy or not, Janelle Orsi's new video is a must watch.  Through adorable MS-paint-like doodles, Orsi shares her take on the sharing economy – her appreciation of it, as well as her criticisms – and outlines a plan for where to go from here. This plan includes six steps that companies can take to build sharing into their business plans – in other words, six essentials for any sharing economy business.

Orsi points out that the current major players in the sharing economy are companies built around shareholders and, thus, profit. As this set up ultimately perpetuates wealth inequality, it's time to look at some alternatives.

Orsi's explanations are thorough, her examples concrete, and perhaps best of all, you get to watch those cute, colorful drawings throughout the whole video. Take a look for yourself below:

Nasimeh Bahrayni


Nasimeh Bahrayni

Nasimeh Bahrayni  (or Nasimeh B.) is a writer, performer, artist, and yogi based in the California Bay Area.  A native of Florida with Persian roots, she spent the years after receiving her

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