Have you heard this bit of awesomeness? New Era Colorado, an organization of young activists, is going head to head with a big, corrupt power corporation and making incredible strides to create a clean, publically owned power company for Boulder, Colorado. In doing so, they’re showing how other cities can do the same.

As you can imagine, the power company is not happy. It’s using every trick in the creepy, corporate sabotage bag, but the support being shown for New Era is staggering. The organization recently created an Indiegogo campaign to raise money to support the project. With 13 days to go, they have blown their original goal of $40,000 out of the water. At the time of publishing, they've raised $140,191 with more money coming in by the minute.

Let’s help New Era keep rolling and send a message that the days of dirty, corporate-controlled power are over.

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