Thanks to reader donations and feedback plus hard work by team Shareable, we're delighted to bring you the new Shareable.net.

The new site moves us further toward being a platform for the sharing movement (we had mostly been a magazine). While we'll still lead with our award winning content, a big priority of both our readers and organization was to use Shareable.net to connect sharers offline. We'll be rolling out new community tools over the next year to help do that. Below is a summary of the most important changes we've introduced today:

Meet our new events calendar

You told us through surveys and focus groups that your top priority was to connect face-to-face with other sharers through events. We listened. Meet our new, user-friendly events calendar. The goal here is to grow the sharing movement by boosting attendance of sharing events and catalyze new ones. In addition to promotion on Shareable.net, every event is listed in our weekly e-newsletter, which is 5,000 subscribers strong and growing. Take note event organizers!   

Browse Shareable with greater ease

The biggest complaint about the old Shareable was that it was cluttered, hard to get around, and difficult to find useful content.  To address this, we've greatly simplified the navigation, installed Google Custom Search, and highlighted our how-to content. We also upgraded to dedicated servers for more browsing speed.

Take it on the road

Check out Shareable.net on your smartphone. Shareable is now streamlined for easy and fast mobile use. Read and share our stories on the go.

Share, share, share!

You told us that you want to share our stories, but, ironically, our story sharing tools sucked. The new sharing buttons are tuned to work seamlessly with Twitter and Facebook, which are by far the most popular sharing tools.

As you can imagine, getting sharing right is important to us as a sharing movement nonprofit. We believe that sharing stories with your friends is an important first step in growing a culture that values sharing, collaboration, and the common good.

If you share these values, please make it a regular habit to share our content, as many of our dedicated readers already do. It'll prep your friends to take their sharing further, which could bring more fun and practical benefits into your life. After all, nobody shares alone.

Sound off in our new comments system

Join the conversation with our new commenting system by Disqus. Each of our stories is a jumping off point for discussion, knowledge sharing, and action. You'll be able to take this further with a rock-solid, spam-free, easy-to-use commenting system. And remember our main rule in comments — be excellent to each other. See you in comments soon.

On the roadmap

This is just the beginning. We'll be bring you more movement sharing tools over the next year. We have a roadmap for that, and we're open to suggestions. Which brings us to the next step…

Feedback, bring it

Our new site is bound to have bugs. Please let us know by leaving comments below or alerting us via FacebookTwitter, or email. Together, we can bring Shareable to new heights of impact, influence, and fun.

Neal Gorenflo


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Neal Gorenflo is the co-founder and board president of Shareable, an award-winning nonprofit news, action network, and consultancy for the sharing transformation. An epiphany in 2004 inspired Neal to

Things I share: Time with friends and family, stories, laughs, books, tools, ideas, nature, resources, passions, my network.