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As an economic system, capitalism has been the driving force behind tremendous global prosperity and innovation. However, it has also faced criticism for its negative impacts on social inequality, environmental degradation, and the concentration of wealth and power. Recognizing the need for change, many individuals and organizations are advocating for the transformation of capitalism.

In this thought-provoking episode, we delve deep into the topic of transforming capitalism to create a more sustainable and equitable future. Join us as we explore the inspiring stories, innovative ideas, and groundbreaking initiatives that are reshaping the capitalist landscape. We cover transforming capitalism into the Next Economy and unpack the complexity of the systems that need to change. We explore the steps required to transform the economy, why government systems need to change, and why the existing education system needs to be altered. We also discuss democratizing media, what Next Economy Living is, how LIFT is helping, and more.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a socially conscious consumer, or simply curious about the potential for capitalism to evolve, this episode offers an enlightening and inspiring exploration of the possibilities that lie ahead. Tune in, and be part of the conversation as we navigate the transformative journey toward a brighter economic future!

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Key Points From This Episode:

•   Unpacking the concept of transforming capitalism. [0:01:45]

•   Transforming the “business as usual” economy into the Next Economy. [0:08:45]

•   Why and how government needs to change to create the Next Economy. [0:15:00]

•   Another essential system that needs to transition: education. [0:20:37]

•   The role of media in altering capitalism. [0:27:23]

•   Land ownership and systems of private property that require alteration. [0:32:35]

•   Transitioning cultural aspects into the Next Economy. [0:37:06]

•   Basic steps and benefits of developing the Next Economy. [0:41:47]

•   Overview of how LIFT is helping develop innovative solutions. [0:47:22]

•   An important final takeaway for listeners. [0:58:48]

Tweetables from Marketing and Messaging in the Next Economy:

“We know that [capitalism] as it is currently manifesting is not working. It is causing tremendous harm and tremendous inequality.” — Erin Axelrod [0:04:26]

“Transformative change in the context of the Next Economy means that just swapping out the institutions will be limited.” — @kevinbayuk [0:10:52]

“Government has been one of the mechanisms of regulation and subsidy, which has largely been captured by ‘business as usual’ interests.” — @kevinbayuk [0:17:11]

“Education, as we commonly know it, is actually compromising a lot of our ability to train effective players in a changing world and a changing climate.” — Erin Axelrod [0:23:14]

“We have to question this pattern of consolidation of wealth through hoarding land. That is systemically happening to this day.” — Erin Axelrod [0:33:25]

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