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Unemployment is down and the stock market is up. So all’s well with the economy, right? Many politicians and economists would like us to think that, but in this Upstream Podcast, Richard D. Wolff, author of “Capitalism’s Crisis Deepens,” explains how this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Not only is the recession that started in 2008 far from over, but we might actually be witnessing the collapse of capitalism as we know it.

“Every economic system before capitalism — and we’ve had quite a few — was born, evolved over time, and died … For the first time in my life, I think it’s possible that this system is done,” Wolff says. So what comes next? Wolff has some ideas.

Wolff studied economics at Harvard University, Stanford University, and Yale University. He is the founder of Democracy @ Work, host of the radio program Economic Update, and is currently teaching at the New School University in New York City.

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A version of this post was originally published on P2P Foundation



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