T'was tweeting on Twitter with Jill Finlayson of Skoll Foundation's SocialEdge today. She gave me the heads up on their social entrepreneur search directory and blog widget. It was built by Exygy with help from Social Actions and the support of several foundations. Check it out here.

It has some cool features, you can even embed the search tool on your site. The directory is populated with vetted social entrepreneurs. Use it to find successful projects by sector and generally exploring the space. It likely has many uses, but it's timely to showcase it here for new grads who may be exploring social enterprise as a career.

A tip on using it. How do you start a search if you don't know the names of any social entrepreneurs? Just click off all the check boxes and search on a term you're interested in, like "fair trade". It turns up some decent results that way.

Caveat: the tool could be interpreted as elitist because of it's selectivity. Maybe it is, but it's still useful.  And don't worry, we believe everyone is a social entrepreneur here at Shareable. Seriously, if you helped someone today, you're a social entrepreneur. Let's not create a priest class for doing good.

Now go ahead, take it for a spin, you might find someone or something that inspires you:

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