In this time of divisive wedge issues, reality TV, and reflexive cynicism, empathy might seem in short supply. But as Shareable documents, it doesn’t have to be this way—we’re social animals wired for sharing, collaboration, and compassion, no matter what mass culture and deep-rooted capitalist individualism suggests. Catalyzing the necessary mental shift in people is a step-by-step process, one that can be nurtured by changing small habits and building trust networks. In his talk “The Six Habits of Highly Empathic People”, cultural historian Roman Krznaric advocates for a shift in mentality “from introspection to outrospection” to enrich our lives and catalyze social change. But he doesn’t only look at the big picture, instead detailing the regular behaviors that we can gradually change in our own lives to realize this personal and societal change.

Paul M. Davis


Paul M. Davis

Paul M. Davis tells stories online and off, exploring the spaces where data, art, and civics intersect. I currently work with a number of organizations including Pivotal and

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