A thought-provoking video about the evolution of remix culture. "This is basically a group of friends having an authentic social moment and screwing around together," says Julian Sanchez, describing a recent YouTube mashup. "[Now], remix isn't just about an individual doing something alone in his basement. It becomes an act of social creativity. It's not just that it yields a different kind of product at the end. It's that potententially it changes the way we relate to each other. All of our normal social interactions become a kind of invitation to this sort of collective expression. It's our real social lives themselves that are transmuted into art." The whole eight minutes are well worth watching:

Jeremy Adam Smith


Jeremy Adam Smith

Jeremy Adam Smith is the editor who helped launch He's the author of The Daddy Shift (Beacon Press, June 2009); co-editor of The Compassionate Instinct (W.W. Norton

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