Article cross-posted from P2P Foundation. Authored by Ruth Catlow.

This new film by Furtherfield in collaboration with Digital Catapult broadens the current debate about the impact of emerging blockchain technologies.

The underpinning technology of Bitcoin digital currency, the Blockchain is reshaping concepts of value, trust, law and governance. This film sets out to diversify the people involved in its future by bringing together leading thinkers, computer scientists, entrepreneurs, artists and activists who discuss:

  • What can a blockchain do?
  • Who builds this new reality?
  • How will we rule ourselves?
  • How will the future be different because of the Blockchain?

A Groundbreaking Collaboration

This film directed by Pete Gomes is a unique collaboration between Furtherfield, dedicated to new forms of cooperation in arts, technology and society and Digital Catapult, an organisation dedicated to growing the UK digital economy.


Author Ruth Catlow is an artist who works with emancipatory network cultures, practices, and poetics. She is co-founder and artistic director, with Marc Garrett, of Furtherfield for arts, technology, and social change.

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