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What are the key elements of a blockchain for good project? What's the role of blockchain in shaping how people share resources and information for the better? These were some of the questions we posed to a group of experts in the field during a Twitter chat on July 18. The conversation followed the publication of freelance reporter Aaron Fernando's piece on how organizations are using blockchain as a force for social impact. We are grateful to Fernando, Faris Oweis of DigitalTown (Shareable sponsor), Tim Bos of ShareRing, Scott Kessler of LO3 energy, Joyce Zhang of ixo, and Matt Coolidge of Civil, for sharing their insights. When asked how blockchain is changing the world for the better, ixo's Zhang said, "distributed ledgers allow people to view and access public resources in a more fair and transparent way." DigitalTown's Oweis said, "decentralized tech needs to meet decentralized work structures otherwise we'll have Sharing Economy 2.0."

Read a recap of the full conversation below. 

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