In an effort to better understand the international coworking community and support the coworking movement as it continues to grow, Shareable has partnered with Deskmag to help launch the 3rd annual Global Coworking Survey. Focused on the development and evolution of coworking and the coworking movement, this year’s survey also explores the hard and soft collaborations that occur regularly among coworkers. The data gathered from coworkers, coworking space operators and non-coworkers alike, will provide a big-picture glimpse into regional trends and the movement as a whole.

The Global Coworking Survey is the largest survey of its kind. Last year, 1500 people from around the world participated in it. The more data gathered, the more accurately the results  will represent the coworking community, so we’re asking Shareable readers who are involved or interested in coworking to take the survey and to share it in their circles. 

The survey will help us better understand people's reasons for coworking, why a particular coworking space is chosen, what community members value most about coworking, how connected they feel to those around them, what works well, what could be improved, what kind of atmosphere and workspace is preferable, and more. It runs for two weeks and the initial analysis will be presented at the Coworking Europe Conference on November 8. Shareable will also publish our take on the results.

Take the survey at

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