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The city of Sydney’s “Creative City Cultural Policy and Action Plan 2014 – 2024” contains a comprehensive set of policies to give artists and creative startups access to empty space through its Creative Spaces program. This culture-led revitalization initiative includes a strategic priority to create — as the policy outlines — “Precinct Distinctiveness and Creativity in the Public Domain” through actions that “broker space-based projects with the business community to encourage the use of empty office, retail and other commercial space by creative practitioners.” In order to help activate creative neighborhoods, the city of Sydney also runs a program that provides affordable studio and workspace options, offering a range of properties owned by the city through short, medium and long-term leases.



View the full policy: Creative City Cultural Policy and Action Plan 2014 – 2024.


 Activating the Urban Commons

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Darren Sharp is a leading sharing economy strategist, consultant and researcher.  As founding Director of Social Surplus he develops strategy and facilitates capacity-building using strength-based approaches including asset-based community