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For tens of millions of Internet users, it would be hard to imagine life without Twitter. It has been a critical platform to share news, spark important conversations, and catalyze social movements from the Arab Spring to #BlackLivesMatter.

Despite its cultural importance, the company has struggled financially for years. Simply put, the platform is not generating enough revenue. Within the logic of Wall Street, where a company's success is defined by ever increasing profits, the company is failing. Twitter is now up for sale and its new owners could change it drastically for the worse in the pursuit of more profit.

That's why a group has been working to get a critical mass of Twitter users to explore a plan to buy a significant fraction of the company and turn it into a user-owned platform cooperative. They have launched a petition to gather signatures from fellow Twitter users to appeal to Twitter shareholders and employees to help make it possible. By signing the petition, you can endorse the idea and show the company that there is serious interest in a cooperatively-owned Twitter. 

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Photo credit: tveskov via / CC BY-NC-SA

Mai Sutton


Mai Sutton |

Mai is a freelance organizer and writer based in Oakland, California, focused on the intersection of human rights, solidarity economics, and the digital commons. She was formerly at Shareable as the Community Engagement