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At Shareable, we strive to tell stories that inspire and reflect the experiences of our readers. To do this more effectively, we are launching the Collaborate Storytelling Project. We want to give readers the opportunity to participate in our reporting process by contributing story ideas and personal narratives. We want to work with readers to highlight sharing initiatives that are having a deep and profound impact in their communities. The idea behind this project is to gather ideas that will provide important context and fodder for our reporting.

Are you part of any exciting sharing projects in your city? Are there cool new tool libraries, coworking spaces, worker cooperatives, open science labs, art collectives, or other groups centered around sharing popping up in your neighborhood? Have your city officials enacted policies that facilitate the creation of programs allowing residents to share their resources? Help us tell the stories that matter to you.

Note: We’re looking for stories about community resilience following natural disasters. If you’ve seen examples of mutual aid and solidarity arising after disasters, please submit your ideas below, and we’ll look into it as part of our Disaster Collectivism project. 

Fill out the form below, and we’ll be in touch!

While this is an opportunity for readers to participate in Shareable’s storytelling process, this is not the space to submit press releases or other promotional materials. Please send those to