Earlier this year, during the development of our strategic plan, we conducted a reader survey to evaluate the impact of our storytelling. We wanted to learn who is reading Shareable, and why.

While we knew our readers were interested in learning how people around the world are sharing and collaborating, we were blown away to learn that a whopping 83 percent of survey respondents said they were inspired to make a change in their life after reading Shareable. That's at least 350 individuals who have taken action as a result of our reporting.
In the coming year, we are going to accelerate our editorial work. We're going to build a diverse team of talented journalists and experts who will produce thoroughly reported stories, tools, and analysis about how sharing and collaboration are helping address local, national, and international problems. We want to inspire thousands more readers to make sharing part of their lives.
But we cannot do this without you.
With your help, we can become a reader-supported, nonprofit media outlet and hire more journalists, build partnerships with community groups, and deepen engagement with readers.

I joined Shareable because I realized how sharing resources, knowledge, ideas, time, and more can play an integral role in creating an equitable, sustainable, and happier world. Whether it's connecting neighbors through a little free library or helping workers take ownership of digital services through platform co-ops, sharing has the power to help us build a better future.

Mai Sutton


Mai Sutton |

Mai is a freelance organizer and writer based in Oakland, California, focused on the intersection of human rights, solidarity economics, and the digital commons. She was formerly at Shareable as the Community Engagement